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Are you tired of spending thousands on hardware and software every few years? Let Comnexia host your server applications for you and eliminate these extra costs indefinitely.
Hosting � COMNEXIA's® high-availability enterprise hosting service and infrastructure is the perfect solution for mission-critical applications and data. Employing a reliable, time-tested hardware infrastructure based around recognized industry leaders, we offer a number of high-availability physical infrastructures.
  • Eliminate Your Server
  • Remote Hosting of key Microsoft and other software packages
  • Load-balanced front-end Web servers
  • Clustered application and database servers
  • Dedicated SANs with mirrored arrays
  • Switches, routers, firewalls, load-balancers deployed redundantly
  • Redundant components powered by independent PDUs
  • Hot spare resources
Data Center
  • Data centers on independent power grids
  • UPS and diesel generator backup
  • Diverse outbound providers (traffic routed via BGP)