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Who’s Watching Your Service? Remote monitoring and
its Benefits
There’s a lot to be said about preventative maintenance – particularly with cars, healthcare and a company’s computer network. Discovering potential glitches in a system before they happen can save businesses thousands of dollars in lost data, revenue and in down time. Comnexia’s remote monitoring service alerts clients of potential failure before it happens.

“Knowing what to expect, and then taking precautionary measures can make a huge difference to an organization that’s totally dependant on their network,” says Mike Wilson, Comnexia’s president and CEO. “Our service monitors computers and provides maintenance statistics on how they are doing, and helps us detect possible malfunctions.”  This gives clients a chance to back up data, and fix the problem before a major crisis.

“A system failure can strike a crushing blow to a company’s efficiency and service,” Wilson adds. The response to our remote monitoring service has been incredible and indicates an increasing need among fast-growing businesses to have their systems monitored by a third-party service.”