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Six Sensible Computer Network Strategies for �06 to Protect Small Businesses Valuable Computer Networks

Local Atlanta Computer Network Expert Suggests These Secure Tips for Safe Computers in the �New Year�

ATLANTA, GA (December 15, 2005) --- With the close of 2005 quickly approaching, many small businesses are taking a hard look at how secure their company data is in the event another severe weather season looms imminently on the horizon.

�It�s hard not to sound like an alarmist with all the severe weather threats that have occurred for small and large businesses across the country this past year,� says Mike Wilson, President and CEO of COMNEXIA - Atlanta's leading single source provider of computer network and Internet services for small and fast-growth businesses with headquarters based in Roswell, GA. �As we close this year and look forward to the next � now is the ripe time to take a hard look at how well your small business may be equipped to handle the next big weather threat and put into place proactive strategies designed to protect your company�s valuable data and computer networks.�

Wilson offers these six sensible strategies for 2006 � to assess whether your computer networks are operating at their optimum capacity and determine whether your company�s valuable data is safe and protected from everything from lightning, ice storms, hurricanes or other natural disasters or those pesky hackers and viruses.

Tip 1: Do you have surge protectors in place in your home office or business to protect from prospects of lightning strikes? Surge protectors are an obvious and inexpensive solution installed between the wall and computer. They�re reasonably priced and easy to pick up at a hardware or home improvement store.

Tip 2: Is your critical company data backed-up daily? This is another obvious step that some individuals don�t strictly adhere to. By scheduling regular back-ups � ideally to an off-site location � then you have a much higher likelihood of being able to recover data in the event your computer network experiences some catastrophic failure or shut-down, says Wilson and the data security experts at Roswell-based COMNEXIA.

Tip 3: Store your back-ups offsite at a remote location: By ensuring that your important files and documents are securely stored at an off-site location and regular back-ups are maintained and updated you will have much stronger �peace of mind� that the integrity and recoverability of your data is safe in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic occurrence like we�ve experienced following Hurricane Katrina.

Tip 4: Are your network anti-virus protections up-to-date? Wilson advises that small businesses that don�t have an in-house IT staff make it a priority to update anti-virus software weekly, if not daily. Wilson and his dedicated IT team at COMNEXIA recommend Symantic AV Corp or Enterprise edition 10.0 with spyware protection to stay on top of the latest virus protections. The network security advisor team at COMNEXIA suggests setting default daily scans of servers and workstations and daily definition updates.

Tip 5: Are your network servers backed-up remotely? The best way to ensure your network is protected and essential back-ups are made is to employ a virtual private network connection or a pptp, Wilson says. If users are remotely accessing the network � it is a vital element to ensure only authorized end-users access the network remotely or otherwise.

Tip 6: Is your company�s computer network physically secure? (i.e. stored in a well-ventilated, locked room) One of the easiest ways to thwart a business� computer operations is to store network servers in a common area that can be easily contaminated by accidental spills, tight storage or imprudent use of space. Make sure that network servers are physically secured in a locked room with limited access to maintain the integrity of your company�s computer files and extend the life of your company networks, Wilson says.

About COMNEXIA: COMNEXIA provides outsourced IT support and cutting-edge solutions. COMNEXIA optimizes and customizes computer networks and specializes in Business Continuity, which ensures that networks are cost-efficient, always on, and safe. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. COMNEXIA partners with elite organizations like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sage and Symantec to provide a uniquely comprehensive, and innovative list of products and services - covering the gamut of IT needs. For more information on COMNEXIA, visit our web site at