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Wide Area Networking is No Stranger at COMNEXIA

COMNEXIA Press Release / Atlanta, Georgia / July 1, 2003

Recently COMNEXIA returned home from Hartford, Connecticut where we aided in conducting a key conference for a national public health organization. At the conference, it was COMNEXIA's job to provide an efficient, easy to use, and reliable wide area registration system. Registration was accomplished using the latest in internet, wide area, JavaScript, ASP, and SQL/MS Access technologies. With this combination of products, COMNEXIA provided an easy to use registration window to check in attendees and to link the registration data to a SQL database back in Georgia. Using COMNEXIA developed intricate custom code, we were able to provide "real time" and portable credit card processing. In an effort to keep registration lines short, COMNEXIA implemented the ultimate in end user simplicity by developing kiosks based registration terminals. Our final wide area network product allowed our client to process orders instantaneously in spite of being many miles from home.

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