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COMNEXIA offers End-of-Year Tips for Business Owners as Microsoft� Announces Retirement of MS NT 4.0 Operating System

Roswell, GA (December 27, 2004) --- Many local Atlanta consumers and small businesses may not be aware that as of January 1, 2005 support by Microsoft� Corporation for their NT 4.0 product will no longer be available, say technology experts at COMNEXIA Corporation � Atlanta�s leading IT network and Internet solutions provider for small and mid-sized businesses.

Mike Wilson, President and CEO of COMNEXIA, fears that many Microsoft NT 4.0 users may be caught off-guard at the end of this year because they are unaware that Microsoft has made the decision to shut the server down. According to Wilson, as of January 1, 2005, support by Microsoft of the NT 4.0 product will be discontinued indefinitely. �Because Microsoft deems that the NT 4.0 server has approached end of life, their support of this system will no longer be available via download or through their customer support center,� he explains. �When a prospective customer asks what this will mean to their small business or home network that still may be operating MS Windows NT 4.0, I tell them, it�s simple. Their system will never be more vulnerable.�

According to Wilson and the technology experts at COMNEXIA, the Windows 2003 server is the upgrade path from NT 4.0. However, because the Windows 2003 server does not recognize the same user-base or many of the conventions of NT 4.0 server, proper planning should immediately be taken to assure that companies are ready for this change.

Wilson does have some good news for NT 4.0 customers who have not made the transition yet to a new operating system. There is still some time, he stresses, but the window is closing fast. Wilson and his team have been advising local businesses in Atlanta on steps they can put into place before the end of 2004 in order to protect their systems from security threats that may compromise the integrity of their company�s entire network:

  • First, immediately start planning now to replace NT 4.0 to Windows 2003 server, says Wilson.
  • Most NT 4.0 server hardware is not worthy of Windows 2003 server software. Therefore, plan that some level of hardware will most likely need to be updated, Wilson cautions.
  • Work with a qualified network support company like COMNEXIA to help you build a proper and efficient 2003 platform, suggests Wilson.
  • Make budget considerations accordingly as making this transition is considered a major technology step, he says.

Wilson says that information about this transition has been available on the Microsoft website since 2003. However, many small businesses that do not rely on outsourcing technology may still be unaware of the change. �Our most immediate priority is to make sure that business owners know their options,� he says. �Our next priority is to help them come up with a plan.�

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