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Where is Your Data if Disaster Strikes?

True natural disaster happens so infrequently that most business owners do not lose a night's sleep even considering their computer data. Besides, how often does fire, flood, earthquake, etc. ever really hit home. Your immediate thought of disaster happens in other states where seismic quakes and state wide fires ravage the land, right? But take a moment and think, �What would happen tomorrow if your office building was robbed or if a new computer virus wiped out your entire server�? If you currently run your business on the philosophy �it won't happen to us�, your image of disaster might just need to be downplayed a bit.

If nothing else, right now you should start taking a weekly copy of your data off site to an out of your office safe place. You should take a backup tape to your home, a safety deposit box, etc. By using this advice, you would at maximum lose only a week worth of data, or would you? Consider for a moment that you have religiously taken a tape off site and suddenly disaster strikes. Now you are ready to recover your entire business (accounting, sales, and customer service) from that single tape. I get nervous just speculating over the quality of the data on that single off site tape. Believe me, with all the new innovations in disaster data recovery, this is no way to run your business.

At COMNEXIA® we have been busy developing networks with Distributed File Systems (DFS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and enterprise level backup solutions including Enterprise Exchange agents and SQL server agents. To a layman this might all sound real complicated, but it's not. You need a partner that can explain these options to you and give you the extra facts necessary to determine what is right for your network. Planning a great backup strategy is just another way COMNEXIA® adds value for our network support customers.

About COMNEXIA: COMNEXIA provides outsourced IT support and cutting-edge solutions. COMNEXIA optimizes and customizes computer networks and specializes in Business Continuity, which ensures that networks are cost-efficient, always on, and safe. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. COMNEXIA partners with elite organizations like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sage and Symantec to provide a uniquely comprehensive, and innovative list of products and services - covering the gamut of IT needs. For more information on COMNEXIA, visit our web site at