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Computer Solutions Changes Its Name!

COMNEXIA Press Release / Atlanta, Georgia / July 1, 2003

Since late 2002 we have been busy helping the Computer Solutions team to redefine the way we do business. With our new business strategy defined, we are happy to announce the launch of our new company name: COMNEXIA Corporation. You can rest assure that even though our name has changed our commitment to quality service hasn't. We will continue to offer solutions to fit the needs of your company. COMNEXIA will continue to focus and grow by providing "customer focused" services.

We will continue to make customer service our top priority. We realize among other things, your company depends on our ability to maintain your company network with 100% professionalism and knowledge. We want our dedication to this mission to be obvious. We also want you to see that now more than ever we are committed to making sure we provide you with the same quality and reliability that we always have.

We are confident in our ability to make a positive impact on our customers' business performance. We are excited about the opportunities for improvement that COMNEXIA has brought and plan to display this by providing our customers with top-notch solutions. To demonstrate this, in the near future you will have the ability to access an online web support ticket entry system (Job Track). This will give you the option to enter support tickets, check the status of billed hours, and view notes on completed technical work.

COMNEXIA is committed to providing superior value. We look forward to a new era of continued growth and improvements in our products, services and customer support. At COMNEXIA we care about our customers and are committed to fulfilling 100% of your needs. If you have unique requirements, please contact us and we will get them handled for you.

Our dedication to value continues. We know that continued utilization of our service will convince you that COMNEXIA represents quality and reliability while providing significant savings for your organization.

About COMNEXIA: COMNEXIA provides outsourced IT support and cutting-edge solutions. COMNEXIA optimizes and customizes computer networks and specializes in Business Continuity, which ensures that networks are cost-efficient, always on, and safe. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. COMNEXIA partners with elite organizations like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sage and Symantec to provide a uniquely comprehensive, and innovative list of products and services - covering the gamut of IT needs. For more information on COMNEXIA, visit our web site at