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COMNEXIA Applauds Greg Boomershine!

Greg joined COMNEXIA as a network engineer back in the early part of 2000. Since then, Greg has shown exceptional dedication to his job and has been known to go above and beyond the call of duty when executing tasks for his clients.

As a company, we track each engineer in several performance categories. Performance categories include customer response time, average customers assisted in a given day, and efficiency in completing jobs. Over the past year Greg has excelled in every category and has demonstrated leadership in helping other engineers meet these goals. As an example; in September 2003 Greg delivered less than a 30-minute response time on customer issues and assisted, on average, 4 on-site customers per day.

Our success is reliant on great engineers with great customer service skills. It's much easier to find a remarkable technology oriented engineer with no people skills than it is to find the same high level engineer exhibiting exceptional customer service skills. Greg has always demonstrated both. We are very pleased to have Greg as a part of our team!

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