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Network Back-ups Prove Vital Function for Data Protection Say Experts at Leading Network Solutions Firm, COMNEXIA Corporation

ROSWELL, GA ---(December 13, 2004) --- Network back-ups�. Information integrity�all-system outages. Each of these phrases elicits a different response depending on the technical acumen of the audience member reading. Although many business owners know that the ability to maintain integrity of their data is a key to success in today�s competitive business environment, network back-ups are often one of the most overlooked yet critical functions that a small or mid-sized business can perform on a regular basis, say experts at COMNEXIA<sup>�</sup> - Atlanta's leading computer network and Internet services companies for small and fast-growth businesses based in Roswell, GA.

Network back-ups are basic operating procedures yet still remain one of the most commonly overlooked tasks for small and mid-sized companies to perform regularly in maintaining their systems, according to Greg Boomershine, Atlanta technology manager for COMNEXIA. It�s a vital function, Boomershine maintains, that provides critical insight for companies who rely on data to survive and thrive in business today.

�I�m constantly stressing to COMNEXIA customers the importance of maintaining daily back-ups of their data,� explains Boomershine. �To help those companies who may not understand why back-ups are necessary as well as assist COMNEXIA�s signature dedicated technicians with this important function, I�ve developed a knowledge-based checklist to resolve and help diagnose a back-up problem.�

  • Are the services started?
  • Go through the job logs.
  • Run the cleaning cartridge.
  • Stop and restart the services.
  • Reboot the server.
  • If a big job won't run, try running a small test job (1 small file-1k in size if possible) - this might reveal a clue.
  • If a big job is not starting according to its schedule, try to see if you can "Run now" the big job.
  • Are the jobs failing with a byte count or not? If they are failing but getting a good byte count, as long as a good byte count is maintained, this can still be considered a successful run.
  • Is the job exceeding the capacity of the tape? Find out what drive it is (under Devices tab (BE) or in Device Manager) or look at the tapes and find out what size it is (12/24, 40/80, etc). Now how big is your byte count on your failing jobs? Compressed jobs won't make it all the way to the big number. A 20/40 drive will probably stop at about 30GB (+/- 1 or 2 GB).
  • If the drive keeps reporting empty when you know it is not, try running an Inventory.
  • Next, try erasing the tape.
  • Check to see if the device is paused under the Devices tab (typical BE problem)
  • Reinstall the backup software (this works a lot with BE). Remember to take a screen shot of your BE keys before you uninstall it.
  • Reinstall drivers for the device.
  • Try HP library and tape tools.
  • Consider the fact that the device may be bad.
  • The tapes may be bad. Even if they are brand new. There is a chance that they may be defective.
  • The cleaning cartridge may be old and need to be replaced.
  • Use a knowledge base, such as Veritas or Ultrabac for support;
  • Put a post on a newsgroup (this goes for any problem that you face on this job that you are struggling with).
  • If you need support and it is an HP server or drive and you don't want to pay Veritas or Ultrabac for support, call HP's tape drive support desk. They know as much as Veritas and UB and will help you for free.

Some of these things are specific to Backup Exec and some are in general between that program and Ultrabac, says Boomershine. To ensure your small or mid-size business systems are maintained properly and regular network back-ups are performed, contact the technology experts at COMNEXIA Corporation.

About COMNEXIA: COMNEXIA provides outsourced IT support and cutting-edge solutions. COMNEXIA optimizes and customizes computer networks and specializes in Business Continuity, which ensures that networks are cost-efficient, always on, and safe. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. COMNEXIA partners with elite organizations like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sage and Symantec to provide a uniquely comprehensive, and innovative list of products and services - covering the gamut of IT needs. For more information on COMNEXIA, visit our web site at