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Vista Update

Although analysts predict adoption of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista operating system will happen at a faster pace than previous operating system release, Comnexia�s experts suggest small businesses wait a few months before doing any major upgrading.

�We advise our corporate clients to be somewhat cautious before immediately upgrading their entire operating system,� says Greg Boomershine, technology manager for Comnexia. �Additionally, there are different editions available and small businesses need to choose the edition that�s right for their particular business, and that can take some time and research.� For more information, contact Comnexia for a Vista evaluation for your business in mid 2007.

About COMNEXIA: COMNEXIA provides outsourced IT support and cutting-edge solutions. COMNEXIA optimizes and customizes computer networks and specializes in Business Continuity, which ensures that networks are cost-efficient, always on, and safe. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. COMNEXIA partners with elite organizations like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Sage and Symantec to provide a uniquely comprehensive, and innovative list of products and services - covering the gamut of IT needs. For more information on COMNEXIA, visit our web site at