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Is your server room HOT HOT HOT?
(ATLANTA, June 20, 2007) It was a Sunday evening and Comnexia�s remote monitoring system alerted me to the fact that there were several servers falling offline at one of our larger clients. After trying to dial in remotely to see what could be the problem and not having any luck getting in, I decided to jump in the car and go onsite. The client had given me a key and alarm code to their building, so I was able to gain access while no one was there. When I walked in to the server room, I was hit by a wall of hot air that had to be in excess of 120� Fahrenheit. It felt very much like my attic in the middle of summer time. All exposed metal such as the server racks and the server casings themselves were extremely hot to the touch. The air conditioning unit in the server room had failed over the weekend. All servers were in an overheat state. With 8-10 servers, several switches, firewalls and routers in this server room, we were facing well over $100,000 worth of equipment at jeopardy. Heat is detrimental to computer hardware. I was able to shut all equipment down until such time as the air conditioning unit could be serviced. We were lucky and grateful to our remote monitoring system that it had alerted us.
With summer �07 upon us, it is more important than ever to insure that server rooms are kept cool. Allowing servers and other equipment to run hot or even lukewarm can cause hardware failure resulting in possibly thousands of dollars worth of damage. Not to mention the down time that your business could suffer. Even if your server room is only slightly warm, this may reduce the life span of your server from say 10 years to only 5 years. Protect yourself and your investment by seeing to it that you have the proper ventilation in your server room. Many of our clients have chosen to install separate air conditioning units in their server rooms. These units often have a hose which is fed to a drain pipe within their building. For best results, have a backup air conditioning unit as well, in the event that the main unit fails and time is needed to restore it.
As they say �an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure�.

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