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�Not Wanted: Spam� : Comnexia�s Spam Elimination

Managing spam is a challenge for most growing companies, and traditional anti-spam solutions aren�t as effective as they used to be. For businesses frantically looking for ways to minimize spam, Comnexia� is taking a novel approach with its new Span Elimination Service.

�It�s not uncommon for a typical user to get 50 pieces of spam per day,� explains Mike Wilson, Comnexia�s President and CEO. �Our service brings it down to one a day or one or two per week. Our Spam Elimination Service is more effective than a typical anti-spam service because we point emails through our server first, and filter them before sending them into a client�s network. This saves companies a lot of server horsepower, and means they don�t have to buy third-party software,� explains Wilson. �Additionally, our spam solution is unique because we are able to limit and practically eliminate false positives.�

The Spam Elimination Service immediately captured the attention of Comnexia�s clients. When it comes to filtering emails, Comnexia�s statistics speak for themselves. The company�s servers filter approximately 32 million emails each month, with 98 percent having a virus or being spam. With its ability to save a tremendous amount of time and money managing spam, Comnexia�s Spam Elimination Service is quickly becoming an important tool for fast-growing small businesses in the Southeast.

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