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Whether you need a computer tech onsite, virtual support or simply to speak with a qualified technician, COMNEXIA® is there to help. Let us find the right support that suits your needs. Read below to learn more about our Outsourced IT solutions or browse our other services on the left.
Monthly Fixed Cost - With all the service advantages we offer, we can't afford to be cheap. But we can make it easy for you to do business with us. While many of our competitors require you to pay one huge fee up-front, we offer an option that's much more accommodating. By purchasing a monthly contract with us, you'll gain a caretaker for your network at a discount, which includes a reduced hourly rate. And since your network will be getting regular monthly check-ups, you also avoid the biggest budget destroyer of all: downtime.

Pay As You Go � If a monthly support contract is not what you are looking for, COMNEXIA® does offer pay as you go support. We don�t like to think of ourselves as �fire fighters� but if you are in a jam and need help, give us a call!

Your Own Dedicated IT Pro - When you work with big IT companies, you get the tech-of-the-minute. When you work with COMNEXIA®, you get your own dedicated IT Consultant. You'll see the same tech this month, the next month, and the month after that. He/she will know your account, know your network, and best of all, know you. And unlike a tech at a one or two person IT company, his/her knowledge knows no bounds�because he has access to other techs company-wide, with expertise in every area imaginable.

Network Monitoring � COMNEXIA® keeps its customer base out of trouble by managing their entire computing infrastructure. With maximum scalability and flexibility, we have the power to automate key tasks to increase the productivity of your staff and the organization as a whole. From Software Inventory to Remote Desktop Management, COMNEXIA® has the features and functions to automate day to day IT tasks.
  • Fully automated, recurring and complete Hardware Inventory and Software Inventory and Audits
  • Fully automated Patch Management
  • Fully automated and scheduled Software Deployment and System Management
  • Easy, Powerful and Comprehensive Scripting for System Management and Software Deployment
  • LAN Discovery
  • System monitoring and alerts
  • Proactive Windows Event monitoring and alerts
  • Integrated Help Desk and Trouble Ticketing
  • Secure Remote Control
  • Secure FTP, Chat and Message Broadcasting
  • Comprehensive, Integrated Management Reporting
  • No limits on endpoints and number of users
  • Easy and Flexible Administration
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Power, flexibility and scalability
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Task Automation
  • Workflow
  • Customization of administrator and user menus
Need a technical expert? We have specialized recruiters working in Networking, Software Development, Database Systems and Project Management. COMNEXIA® offers flexible terms including contract, contract to perm, and permanent placement services.
  • Information Technology Resources
  • CIO�s
  • VP IT or Development
  • Security Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Network Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Network Designers Internet Architects
  • QA Testers
  • QA Analyst
  • Installation Engineers/Technicians
  • Help Desk Technicians
  • PC Support Technicians
  • System Administrators
  • IT Business Process Consultants
  • Staffing Process

We are here to meet your Resource needs, and we guarantee only the highest level of service and satisfaction. We take the extra steps to ensure quality control. Over the years, we have created our own best practices for finding and retaining qualified resources.

  1. Gather client requirements
  2. Identify candidates meeting needs; in many cases we already have excellent candidates on hand
  3. Pre-test candidates
  4. Meet candidates face-to-face
  5. Do second round tests on the best candidates
  6. Present three resumes per position to client
  7. Outstanding Results
  8. Improve Productivity/Reduce Costs
  9. Raise Quality and Reliability
  10. Enhance Customer/Client Satisfaction
  11. Improve Speed of Service and Performance
  12. Highly Qualified Professionals
  13. Exceptional Service
  14. Solid ROI