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Atlanta�s leading single source provider of IT, Internet and business phone services, today announced the release of their �Total Choice� bundled IT business services. READ MORE
COMNEXIA has partnered with AM 750 WSB Radio in a unique marketing campaign. READ MORE
It was a Sunday evening and Comnexia�s remote monitoring system alerted me to the fact that there were several servers falling offline at one of our larger clients. After trying to dial in remotely to see what could be the problem and not having any luck getting in, I decided to jump in the car and go onsite. READ MORE
Advancements in technology are now allowing for �virtual offices� - and interactive collaboration between offices in different states. A sample of the new, high-tech products that are transforming the way we do business include interactive whiteboards, which connect with computers, have touch-sensitive screens, transform handwriting into ASCII text, and allow for collaboration between parties in different states. READ MORE
Some trivia about Atlanta: Did you know that the city became known as Silicon Mountain during the high-tech boom in 2000? According to Forbes� May 2000 issue on �Best Places� Atlanta was ranked as one of the very best places to start a high-tech career or business. READ MORE
Managing spam is a challenge for most growing companies, and traditional anti-spam solutions aren’t as effective as they used to be. READ MORE
Demonstrating the strength and vision behind COMNEXIA®, Atlanta's leading single source provider of computer network and Internet services. READ MORE
There’s a lot to be said about preventative maintenance – particularly with cars, healthcare and a company’s computer network. READ MORE
While a vast majority of computer users are familiar with wireless networks at airports, hotels, coffee shops and even in their homes, many small businesses are still reluctant to deploy it in their ffice environment. READ MORE
Although analysts predict adoption of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista operating system will happen at a faster pace than previous operating system release. READ MORE