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Wireless Advice: Deploy or Not to Deploy in the Office?
While a vast majority of computer users are familiar with wireless networks at airports, hotels, coffee shops and even in their homes, many small businesses are still reluctant to deploy it in their office environment for security reasons, according to Mike Payne, Georgia�s only Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) and Comnexia�s dedicated wireless technician.

With a few simple steps, companies can make a wireless network just as secure as a wired network. It�s easy to set up, less expensive than running cable and it�s unobtrusive. However Payne warns it�s not a do-it-yourself project since PCs are more vulnerable to attacks on wireless connections. He advises organizations to hire a pro to fine-tune their wireless system to make certain it�s protected and ensure there�s no big coverage gaps in the office space.

With more than 10 years wireless networking experience, Payne has installed a variety of wireless networks from Point to Point to W-LAN deployment. One of his largest projects involved a 28 Point to Point site deployment for a school corporation. Here, he was able to bounce a signal from the administration building to 28 remote sites on the campus. He also gave them a licensed frequency band, which allows the corporation to own the frequency so no one can interfere with it. Another unusual installment was a physician�s medical office space, with a lead room. He was able to cover the entire building wirelessly � including the lead room.

Being able to connect to the Internet in any area of the work environment is extremely convenient for busy professionals. It provides users with greater mobility, which ultimately increases on-the-job performance and the company�s overall service to its customers.